First Things
A Common Sense Approach to Origins

Other Age Issues

The “age of the universe” question is a huge question with serious potential consequences. There are many aspects to consider. Nothing should be overlooked. Nothing should be overblown.

What we must recognize from the beginning is that natural causes view holds that we can research our way to all truth. The Bible indicates the ultimate source of truth is revelation.

Dark Matter/Dark Energy: Proponents of the natural causes view are busy coming up with theories for everything that exists. Many of these theories are too fantastic for words. The concept that the natural causes community takes a “just the facts” approach is just wrong. In reality, the natural causes community routinely employs the SWAG (silly, wild ass guess) approach with the attitude that any theory is better than none. That approach has most recently been applied to the revelation that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. That discovery contradicted the “collapsing universe” theory that was viewed as virtually certain by most natural causes proponents.

The fact that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate not only revealed that the collapsing universe theory was wrong, it also threatened the entire big bang theory. There is no way that the big bang theory as it has traditionally been explained can account for a universe that is expanding at an ever increasing rate. There are no retrorockets in the big bang theory. Desperate to explain the inexplicable, scientists assure us the increasing expansion rate is the result of dark matter and dark energy.

What are dark matter and dark energy? They are “they must exist because if they don’t, the big bang theory is toast” explanations. Even if it could be proven that dark matter and dark energy do exist (there is no evidence to date to support that they do), they would still provide more challenges for the big bang theory. No doubt, the SWAG theory would be employed early and often.

Back Holes: In the Science Channel’s documentary, “Seeing Black Holes,” Professor Michio Kaku (one of the leading spokespersons for scientific documentaries) acknowledges that black holes create significant problems for scientists. He concludes:

. . . one over “r” equals one over zero equals infinity. To a mathematician, infinity is simply a number without limit. To a physicist, it’s a monstrosity! It means that, first of all, gravity is infinite at the center of a black hole, that time stops – and what does that mean mean? – space makes no sense. It means the collapse of everything we know about the physical universe. In the real world, there’s no such thing as infinity. Therefore, there is a fundamental flaw in the formulation of Einstein’s theory.”

At this point in the documentary, the narrator informs us that the term, “singularity” must be applied. This is the same term used for the origin of matter by the natural causes community. In the case of the origin of matter, the “singularity” is all of the matter in all of the universe appearing magically from nothing at all with no outside agent helping. In this case, it is the “infinity” aspect of black holes. In a very real sense, it is the natural causes community suggesting that they be given a pass.

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