First Things
A Common Sense Approach to Origins


Three are three sections that make up the introduction to this study of origins:

  1. Common Sense

Most of us like to watch television shows and movies that depict a hero doing things that common sense tells us are impossible. That’s fine for entertainment, but the study of origins requires we use common sense to determine what does and what does not make sense.

  1. World Views

There are two competing world views — the “natural causes” view that says everything came about by chance and the creation view which says a creator is required to explain our world and our universe. A meaningful study of origins can only be achieved when we recognize we have a world view and work to insure our initial world view does not make us reject valid points that do not fit well with our world view.

  1. Purpose or Chance

If everything came about naturally, then we can study what exists to find the truth about origins. If an eternal creator God created our world and our universe, then we need to consider that he might have created things in such a way that his purpose would be accomplished.