First Things
A Common Sense Approach to Origins


Three are two sections related to problems in the study of origins:

  1. Coordinated Attacks

Honest people honestly searching for the truth about origins are no threat to anyone. People who come to the study of origins with an agenda – to have their view dominate at all costs – pose a threat to all true seekers of truth.

Today there is evidence that a concerted effort is being made – particularly in the classrooms of America – to stamp out faith in America. This effort is not based on new evidence uncovered. It is an effort to use ridicule and intimidation to “win” for the natural causes world view.

  1. “Big Bang” Issues

The big bang is the one and only explanation for the origin of the universe coming from the natural causes community. No matter what problems exist, it must be defended to avoid acknowledging that creation is the only reasonable view of origins. But there are many problems with the theory, some of which are revealed in this section.