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A Common Sense Approach to Origins

Effective Coordinated attacks

Once there was a time when America was universally viewed as a Christian nation. “In God we trust” was a slogan most Americans held dear. Neighborhoods were like family and people walked the streets at night without fear. Then things changed.

Then Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, sued to have Bible reading banned in public schools in America. Outspoken and hostile, she was soon in the news as the case against Bible reading and prayer in public schools went all the way to the Supreme Court where the practices were ruled unconstitutional.

Madalyn became one of the most famous women in the world. Everything she said was news, and she took full advantage of her fame to aggressively spread her anti-God campaign.

Madalyn set the example, and suddenly there was a wave of atheists coming out of their closets. Wrapping their opposition to the church in the constitution, the anti-God community became more and more vocal and more and more demanding.

With the precedent set by the Supreme Court, the courts in America ruled favorably in one case after another brought by the anti-God community. While a handful of Christian leaders fought against these rulings, public opinion in America was swayed. After all, people reasoned, many scientists were suggesting faith in God was outdated and the Supreme Court had ruled. Mainstream America shifted away from God and the church.

Adding to the furor, the scientific community announced that radiation tests confirmed many things that were tested were, according to the tests, significantly older than Bible dating permitted. Already shaken, public opinion moved away from the Bible.

With the faith community already rocked by court cases focused on separation of church and state and scientific “proof” that Bible dating could not be trusted, Hollywood decided to become a player. Launching campaigns to undermine Christian morality standards, Hollywood produced movies that portrayed those defending the rights of the unborn as hard hearted and uncaring while those who favored legalized abortions were characterized as loving and caring. The industry that could create sympathy for Bonnie and Clyde reversed public opinion on the slaughter of thousands of unborn babies that were viewed as inconvenient to their parents.

The effectiveness of the campaign to enable women to have abortions at will produced a negative impact on the Christian community as a whole. Christians who continued to practice their faith did so much more quietly, not wanting to be viewed as hard hearted and unloving themselves. Many were confused – not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, Timothy Leary advocated the use of psychedelic drugs which was welcomed by the “hippies” of the 1960’s. Hippies were young people who joined together to rebel against everything their parents stood for – especially if their parents were Christians. Accepting Timothy Leary’s “turn on, tune in, drop out” advice, a large segment of America’s youth rebelled en masse. Using the Viet Nam war as evidence of the corrupt leadership in America, many young people rejected the advice or leadership of anyone over thirty.

At this critical time, given the success Hollywood was having with its campaign, the leaders of the “Women’s Rights Movement” decided to get on the bandwagon and make the right to choose to have an abortion their primary focus. Other “rights” issues were moved to the back burner as activists became more and more strident in their insistence that abortion be legalized in America.

Concerned about the slaughter of thousands of unborn children, Right to Life campaigns portrayed all those who were a part of the Women’s Rights Movement as evil. That “broad brush” approach was neither accurate or effective. Americans felt they had to make a choice between those who were hard hearted and uncaring and those who were loving, caring, and in favor of woman having equal rights. The church lost credibility.

Hollywood continued to support an agenda aimed at undermining the moral standards of the Bible. Casual sex free from all restraints was and has continued to be portrayed as normal human behavior. A powerful campaign was also launched to support homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. More and more, being a Christian meant being out of step with society.

A part of the problem related to these issues has been self-appointed defenders of the faith who decide they should take aggressive action against those who accept what the Bible rejects. Bombing an abortion clinic or physically attacking a homosexual is counterproductive for the cause of Christ. What the public needs to understand is that the actions of a few radical members of any community should not be used to define the community. The Christian community has never condoned those who do such things.

The “Christian Nation” view of America is not as popular as it once was. While the hippie movement has died out, young people continue to turn to drugs in alarming numbers. Marijuana, viewed as a harmless recreational drug, has often led to the use of more powerful drugs that turn young people into criminals as they attempt to support their habits. The streets in America are no longer safe to walk on at night in most neighborhoods.

America has been changed and is being changed drastically by coordinated efforts to turn America away from God. “God bless America” has become a meaningless phrase used primarily by politicians. Young people in America are growing up in a community almost devoid of moral standards. Technological advances have made this the best of times in many ways in America, but the fabric of what made America great has been ripped apart, making this the worst of times to grow up in America from a faith standpoint.  

This website has been established to show why it is reasonable to believe that the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible got it right. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth!” If that is the truth, and it is, that truth has significant implications for Americans. Setting aside all the upheaval that has moved America away from God for a moment, we need to recognize that the truth is still the truth, that natural causes could never create a universe or initiate life on earth, that God is still in heaven and that life on this earth is just a prelude to the reality that is to come. Jesus said, “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.” That advice is as solid today as it was when Jesus was on the earth.