First Things
A Common Sense Approach to Origins

The Origin of the Four Essential Forces

Scientists have identified four forces that the tell us are essential to the existence of the universe. These forces include:

  1. The strong force (the strongest force in the universe that holds the nuclei of atoms in place)
  2. The weak force (another atomic force that is essential to the sun’s energy)
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Gravity

As with most origins subjects, there is much to say about the four forces of the universe. This page, however, is focused on the main point – the origin of the four essential forces and how that issue relates to the origin of matter.

In the “origin of matter” section, we revealed that all three of the alternative explanations for the origin of matter are infinitely improbable to us as human beings. To determine which is more probable, we turn now to the second of the three “first things” issues related to origins – the origin of the four essential forces.

Natural Causes: The two “natural causes” explanations for the origin of matter (matter is eternal or something came from nothing) do not explain the origin of the four essential forces in any credible fashion. Some simply say they must have shown up early in the big bang development. Some have attempted to lump the four into one unified force that eventually developed into the four forces, but that has convinced even fellow scientists. The latest effort has been dubbed, “The Theory of Everything.” The concept is that a theory that lumps matter and the four forces into one grand explanation is more credible than trying to explain the origin of matter and the origin of the four essential forces separately. So far all we know for sure is that they are working on it.

Why are scientists determined to find a way to explain the origin of the four essential forces? Because of that word “essential.” If something is essential, there needs to be an explanation of its origin. The fact is that there is no such explanation, there never has been, and there never will be.

How big a deal is this? Think just about the energy locked up in all of the matter in all of the universe. Consider the energy in one supernova (exploding star). Scientists tell us supernova are not that rare in the universe. They also tell us that one supernova releases energy equivalent to the energy released by the sun over nine billion years (their estimated life span for the sun). Think about how much energy is released by the sun in one day and then multiply that times three hundred and sixty five and then again by nine billion. That is the energy released by one supernova. Scientists have discovered bigger explosions they call hypernova. They estimate that these explosions may be as much as a thousand times more powerful than a supernova.

This energy apparently comes from the release of the strong force contained in the nuclei of atoms. That is just one of the four essential forces. This kind of energy cannot be dismissed with the wave of a hand. It must be explained for any origins theory to have any credibility. The fact is that there is no explanation for the existence of the four essential forces by natural causes – not if you accept eternal matter for the origin of matter and not if you accept something from nothing for the origin of matter.

What about the “in the beginning, God created” explanation for the origin of matter? How does it fare with the origin of the four essential forces? The answer is that a God capable of creating the heavens and the earth is fully capable of creating the four essential forces of the universe. For the “God created” explanation, the four forces present no problem whatsoever.

Both natural causes explanations are infinitely incredible for the origin of matter and are infinitely incredible for the origin of the four essential forces. That is infinitely incredible piled on infinitely incredible which is – beyond a reasonable doubt – impossible. The raw materials – matter and the four forces – that are essential for the big bang theory of origins could not and did not come into existence by chance. The existence of these elements requires a single source capable of providing both, i.e. an eternal creator God. There is no escaping that fact by any rational means.

While we acknowledge and have acknowledged that the God created explanation is infinitely incredible in that no human being can conceive of anything being eternal – whether matter or a creator – once accepted as the most reasonable explanation for the existence of our world and of our universe, the existence of the four essential forces is easily explained.

On the one hand, it is reasonable to say that the existence of an eternal creator God has been established at this point. But questions related to origins remain. Is this God the God of the Bible? If he is, did he create everything in six twenty-four hour days or did he use billions of years? Could the big bang still be true with God providing the necessary raw materials? Why not some other God worshipped by other people at some time in the past or currently? Why not some unknown God? Did the creator – whether the God of the Bible or some other God, have a purpose for his creation, or is the creation just the ultimate model train layout that got his attention for a time, but is no longer of interest to him?

And then there is the issue of life. Did God create life, or did life come about by chance? The origin of life is the third of our three “first things” issues. We will address it in our next section.