First Things
A Common Sense Approach to Origins

My name is Dwight Webster. After twenty-two years as the minister of the Madison Christian Church in Madison, Georgia, I retired in November, 2013. I did not, however, retire from active service as a preacher. While I am involved in the local church, my primary interest is in refocusing the origins debate from evolution to the earliest origins issues. To do that, I have started an organization I call “First Things.”

The First Things mission is critical because the faith of so many Christians has been threatened or even destroyed by the teaching of evolution. This is especially true for young people growing up in a nation where evolution and natural causes are supported by our schools, by our courts, and by the media.

The Genesis account of creation is foundational to our faith. If the first chapter of the first book of the Bible is wrong, the Bible cannot be trusted. I am convinced that the Genesis account is accurate. God did create our world and our universe just as the Bible says. More than that, I am convinced the existence of God and the accuracy of the creation account can be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” if the focus of origins is where it should be -- on the very beginning origins issues.

A Preacher On A Critical Mission

College: Cincinnati Bible Seminary, AB Degree in Ministry

Graduate School: Cincinnati Christian Seminary, Several classes with an emphasis on education classes.

Graduate School: Georgia State University, MBA with dual major in Finance and Decision Sciences.