The Truth About Origins

Our understanding of origins – where we came from and how we got here – is foundational to our world view which has a lot to do with how we live our lives. If the Bible is true, life on this earth is a moment in time compared to what God has planned for us after we leave this world. Our most important job on this earth is to insure we go to the right place after we die.

If the scientists in the “natural causes” community are right and the Bible is wrong, then life on earth is all there is. There is no “better place” we will go to after we die. If that is the truth, that is what we all need to know.

This website is the result of over seven years of intensive study of the claims of the “natural causes” community. In researching those claims, I learned things I never knew before – things that I will share on this website to help you be fully informed about origins so that you can make the best decisions about how to live your life.

The Truth About Truth

Human beings are competitive. We want to win. The desire to win extends from parlor games to athletic teams to national pride. In the search for truth about origins, sometimes what feels like a win may actually be a loss and what feels like a loss may actually be a win.

The truth is that someone is wrong. It may be that everyone is wrong to some extent or it may not. The most important truth about winning is that winning by successfully defending error is never a win. Consider these points:

  1. If truth is so poorly presented that it is viewed as error, we all lose.
  2. If error is so well presented that it is viewed as truth, we all lose.
  3. Only when truth is viewed as truth and error is viewed as error does anyone win.
  4. When that happens, we all win!

Real “winning” starts with keeping an open mind as we focus on identifying truth.

Click here to check out the draft of the first chapter of my new book on origins. I will be posting it chapter by chapter as I develop it. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!