The Biggest Thing

. . . what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

The quote above is taken from the Gospel of Mark, the eighth chapter and the thirty-sixth verse. According to Matthew and Mark, this is a question Jesus asked. Is it accurate? Can we trust Mark? Was he writing as a human being with a memory that was fallible or was he writing as one inspired by the spirit of God? Can we trust what we read in the Bible, or is the Bible full of myths and fables that should not affect how we live our lives?

If the scientists who insist there is no God and that everything that exists came into existence purely by chance are right, then that is the truth and it is what everyone needs to know – including those who believe in the Bible. Why waste time serving a God who doesn’t exist? Why give money to support teaching the Bible if it can’t be trusted to tell us the truth?

If, however, it turns out that the scientists who insist there is not God and that they can explain the origin of everything that exists by “natural causes” (by chance) events are wrong – if it can be shown that their theories are fatally flawed – then what Jesus said and what the Bible teaches deserve another look. If the Bible is true, then the life we live on this earth is only an infinitesimal fraction of “real life” – life that will last forever and forever. If our eternal future is on the line and depends on how we react to the message of the Bible, there is nothing that is more important than understanding and obeying God’s commands – for us and or everyone we care about.

Is the Bible outdated – a relic of our grandparents’ time? Or is it as relevant as it ever was because it is the truth and the truth is never out of date? Every individual must decide for themselves. It is the biggest decision we will ever make. It is a decision that should be an informed decision. That is the purpose of “First Things” – to provide accurate, essential origins information so that you and your loved ones can make decisions that are based on a foundation of truth.

Mark your calendar – this could be an event that will be looked back upon as a turning point in the origins debate. Louisville Bible College is sponsoring a seminar entitled, “The Origin of Earth and Mankind” on the 3rd and 4th of November. In this seminar we will be revealing many of the fatal flaws of the “natural causes” view of origins.

The seminar may be taken for credit. For those who do not need credit, it can be audited for just $37.00. For full information, click here.